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Our Services

Our Services

Established in 2007, Maincom New Zealand provides a range of expert construction management and repair services, and delivers effective, timely and value-added results.

We specialise in:

  • Residential and Commercial Construction
  • Earthquake remedial and restoration works
  • Structural repair and remediation
  • Best Practice Repair Solution Advice
  • Design Consultant Management
  • Consent Management

To invite Maincom NZ to tender for your project, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.



Maincom NZ specialises in project and construction management for private companies, community groups and government departments.

Maincom NZ is third-party accredited in Occupational Health and Safety and Quality and Environmental Systems.

We have extensive experience in working with the Earthquake Commission (EQC) to plan, consult, design, approve, manage and repair damage caused by earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.

We house expert knowledge and provide services in supply chain management, relevant consent, council liaison and legislative requirements.

Maincom NZ delivers a proactive, professional approach to all of our projects. Our hands-on management style, level of commitment and in-depth staff experience is valued by our clients, and sees Maincom NZ continually win repeat business.

To invite Maincom New Zealand to tender for your construction project, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.



Maincom NZ is a competitive and sought-after company specialising in the repair and restoration of residential buildings. We service all major insurers in metro, regional and rural New Zealand during business as usual and catastrophes and major events.

Our specialised services include roof repairs and replacement, fencing, landscaping, plumbing and gas, leak detection, electrical, glazing, cabinet making, carpentry and joinery, plastering, painting, flooring, tiling, bricklaying, rendering, concreting, asbestos removal and waste management.

Maincom NZ operates with a team of highly trained staff who ensure each claim is logged, assessed, quoted, approved and repaired at the most competitive price and as quickly as possible.

Our purpose-built claims management platform, Visionary, was developed to meet the specific requirements of insurance repair industry and offers open and transparent claims data at each stage of the claims process. This allows our clients to make timely decisions based on an accurate real-time reporting.

To invite Maincom NZ to tender for residential insurance work, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.



Maincom NZ understands damage to commercial buildings has an immediate impact on business owners and staff, operations and profitability.

Our team works tirelessly with clients, PMOs and sub-contractors to ensure businesses are repaired and restored promptly and all stakeholders are kept informed at each stage of the process.

To invite Maincom NZ to tender for your commercial project, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.

Repair and Restoration

Repair & Restoration

Maincom NZ employs staff and sub-contractors across various building industry backgrounds, allowing us to identify and recommend the best solution for each claim.

We take the time to investigate and present the most suitable and cost effective repair solutions, taking into account unique factors and properties of each building.

To invite Maincom NZ to conduct repair and restoration works, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.

Emergency Make-safes

Emergency Make-safes

With many years’ experience in catastrophe and disaster management, Maincom NZ knows how to handle difficult situations. Our national network of Make-Safe specialists can be called upon at any time to secure and assess damaged property, and we will work closely with state emergency services, police and fire departments to secure your property and prevent further damage.

Our emergency make-safe capabilities include:

  • Securing and taping off dangerous areas
  • Turning off electricity, gas and water supply as necessary
  • Boarding up damaged doors and windows
  • Make temporary repairs such as covering holes, bracing walls, and removing debris
  • Tree lopping
  • Demolition
  • Asbestos removal
  • Roof tarping

To invite Maincom NZ to perform an emergency Make-Safe, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.

On-Site Security

On-Site Security

On site security is not usually required for most claims, however, on larger, more complicated claims, it is sometimes necessary to implement a security plan to ensure building material and property is kept safe during the repair and restoration process.

This may include:

  • Fencing the property
  • Erecting safety signage displaying our contact details
  • Installing security lighting
  • Engaging security patrols 
  • Storing materials in a secure location away from general view
  • Checking deliveries and reporting any damages or shortages immediately
  • Where possible, push the claim through to lock up stage as soon as possible

To invite Maincom NZ to provide on-site security, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.

Sub-Consultant Management

Sub-Consultant Management

Depending on the complexity of a project, there may be multiple trade services and/or associates contracted. Maincom NZ is experienced in managing and co-ordinating specialist architectural, structural, hydraulic and electrical engineers and trade sub-contractors.

We deliver a transparent, reliable and pro-active experience to all stakeholders involved.

If you are interested in becoming a preferred specialist or sub-contractor, please go to our Sub-Contractor page.

Pre-construction Works

Pre-construction Works

Maincom NZ employs a specialist team to manage all pre-construction works for large and small projects.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost planning
  • Build ability advice
  • Design reviews
  • Supply chain management
  • Approvals 
  • Contract management
  • Stakeholder liaison 

If you wish for Maincom NZ to manage your pre-construction works, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.

Catastrophes and Major Events

Catastrophes & Major Events

The 4 September 2010 earthquakes in Canterbury and the 22 February, June 2011 and 23 December 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and related aftershocks caused severe damage to homes, businesses, public buildings, churches, schools and infrastructure. Maincom NZ has been actively involved in repairs and reconstructions.

Maincom NZ works closely with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, Christchurch Central Development Unit, Fletcher EQR, Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Building and Housing Group and various local government groups to assist with damage repairs and rebuilds to homes and businesses.

Maincom NZ has developed catastrophe management plans for a variety of scenarios. These plans help us to anticipate the required staffing levels, equipment requirements and work volumes to achieve prompt repairs for policy holders.

Maincom Group also has experience in managing extreme weather events, including the following catastrophes in Australia:

  • Sydney bushfires, 2003
  • Canberra bushfires, 2003
  • Victorian bushfires, 2003
  • Melbourne storms, 2004, 2005 and 2007
  • Cyclone Larry, 2005 and 2006
  • Cyclone Ingrid, 2005
  • Brisbane hail storm, 2005
  • Bunbury storms, May 2005
  • Port Lincoln bush fires, 2005
  • Blacktown floods, 2007
  • The Mackay floods, 2008
  • The Gap storms, 2008
  • Victorian bushfires, Black Saturday, 2009
  • Queensland floods, 2010 and 2011
  • Tamworth hail event, 2012

Internationally, we have senior managers who have been involved in the recovery process of major catastrophes including:

  • 9/11, Ground Zero, New York and The Pentagon, Washington DC
  • The London Underground bombings 
  • Prague Metro floods

For Maincom to assist in damage repairs, please contact us at services@maincom.co.nz or call 800 953 259.