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Maincom NZ has many years’ experience working with insurers, PMOs, loss adjusters and insurance brokers within the insurance repair industry.

We understand the different requirements of these organisations and work with all parties involved to provide appropriate claim management support.

Our internal processes are designed to allow staff to respond quickly and authoritatively to differing claim types across various geographical locations. This also ensures a transparent and consistent approach.

Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas

With each claim we focus on the following areas:

Combined Ratio

Maincom NZ understands a key measurement for all insurers is the combined ratio. As a preferred insurance builder, we acknowledge our role in supporting each insurer to achieve the best possible combined ratio results by controlling the total cost and lifecycle of each claim. 

Claim Management

Every action for every claim is captured by our purpose-built claims management software, Visionary. This enables us to link all aspects of a claim to one data source and manage each claim on a local and national level. We measure our performance against agreed KPIs at each stage of a claim, allowing us to take proactive action as required.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality customer service to all stakeholders. We ensure customer service consistency by:

  • Standardising our processes and procedures specifically to each insurer’s requirements
  • Heavily investing in initial and ongoing staff training in all areas of service delivery
  • Utilising our purpose-built software platform, Visionary, to measure KPIs and status of all jobs at any time, in real-time
  • Utilising an established network of experienced sub-contractors who are familiar with the local area

Response Times

All claims require prompt assessment; however, it becomes critical during times of catastrophe, major events and emergency Make-Safes. Our experienced team is able to mobilise with a moment’s notice to ensure claims are assessed and the area made safe. 

Customer Retention

Maincom NZ acknowledges our critical role in retaining policy holders for insurers. As a service provider we accept this responsibility and, as such, have developed our customer service practices and policies with this in mind.

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